This is me…The Naturoil Chic!!

Hello there! Here is just a little bit about me , and what my blog is going to be about! I am all about Volleyball , Basically anything that has to do with  Dream , Baking  , Vegan recipes , Traveling , Adventure , Having lots and lots of Fun , Smiles , Laughing , Young Living , Savvy Minerals , Plus I am homeschooled!! I know that you are probably thinking ” wait you are homeschooled. You are probably a nerdy introvert , that loves reading all the old classic books , and that  doesn’t have a lot of friends , researches a lot , and loves learning about very educational things. ” Well let me , let you in on a little secret. I am a nerd thanks for asking, i’m not an introvert , I have many friends , and I do like reading the classic books. But that is exactly what a stereotypical person would say about a homeschooler. We are way more that that , yes we might love to read , research , sleep in , and occasionally  be a bit nerdy. But we also know how to live life to the fullest! That is one of the best parts about being homeschooled. So there is just a bit about me! Stay tuned for an awesome look into my natural adventure…I call life!!

Have a blessed day , see you soon!!

Sincerely, The Naturoil Chic



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