Its Testimony time!💧💕🌺

When your nose starts to drip & you feel the sniffles 🤧coming on… what does that mean? It means it’s time to oil up! But not oil up with just any oils , but Young Living oils! So last night the two oils I grabbed were r.c. And thieves! I Applied them to my feet and BOOM slept good and feel even better today! Knowing that I have something on my nightstand that can support my respiratory system is just the! I would like to see y’all’s testimonies in the comments!💧🌺🤧👍🏼💎

New Years Day!!! 2019! 🎉😉👍🏼😁💋

Bye 2018 , Hello 2019!! I welcome you with open arms!


This year has been one of the best! This year has blessed me and my family some great memories that will last a lifetime! I mean like Celion Dion, HOW MUCH BETTER CAN IT GET!!! A kitty for Christmas, was a dream come true! Made my heart so very happy! How amazing this year was sad to see it go , but 2019 will bring new and better things, That we don’t even know yet! Friends and Family , you have blessed my family and I great joy, laughter, happiness, and lots and lots of love. Memories that will last me a lifetime! I have had the privilege of traveling from state to state and seeing what I thought I would never see in a million years!!😃 Love all my friends and family ,thank you so much for an amazing year , I can’t wait to see what God has for us in 2019!!!😎 I will have these memories forever and ever! I will remember like they were yesterday. Yes it will be a different change , but not all change is bad. It’s been on heck of a year, a struggle yes , but we got though it! Just like we always do. This year was one that I couldn’t put into words even if I tried! One that had amazing events, experience some that most people dream of , new changes , new friends , a new me. Thank you 2018 for showing me things that I will take with me everywhere I go until my last breath. I want to say , Thank you to my family for showing me it’s ok to goofy, weird, silly , nerdy , crazy girl. You might say I’m weird , too nerdy , silly , goofy at times but what I like to think of it as UNIQUE!!! So in 2019 I dare you to take risks , live life the way you were meant to! Gary Young once said “ if you aren’t living on the edge you are taking up to much space” Gary Young once also said “ if your dreams don’t scare you , you aren’t dreaming big enough “! It is always hard when you lose a loved one , even if you weren’t close to them , or even if they were friends but were like family to you. Everyday we get a chance to make a change , give something another try , make someone smile. We never now when or last day will come , so make the most out of ever second of every minute of every day, until it’s your last! Make so new memories, but also remember the old ones! ( I remember all my old memories everyday like they were yesterday ) I have more words in my mind but that would take to much time! People say when the go and gets tough just to quit. But every time you are thinking of giving up or quitting, think of the reasons to quit , think of the people you love and will it hurt them, think of is it really worth it to give up what I love , think who wants me to quit. Sometimes people put this thought into our head that we will never be good enough, we aren’t good , we are nothing special. But they only say that because of there Insecurities so work harder to prove them wrong, that you are strong, enough,worthy. Maybe just maybe they will start to believe in themselves because you showed them what confidence looks like when you were it proud!!!




We always say we’re ready for the new year. But when New Year’s Eve comes around we are not ready at all , we are running all over the place trying to figure out what to do. But in the end at 11:59 we count down to a year we’re not even ready for! That’s the most exhilarating part of the year!!



So it’s ok to cry every once and a while , it’s ok to take risks , and it’s ok to follow your heart! So I encourage you his year to follow your heart , make a couple mistakes. As my volleyball couch always said “ make mistakes, learn from them , then move on and improve every day! “

  • To many words that it’s hard to put on a screen to share! But if you are my friends ( that are like my family) and my family you know me , I could just keep rambling on and on and on! Lol 😂


What I think is crazy is that 2019 will be the last year in the teens! So make 2019 THE BEST because we will never see another year with teen at the end!


2019 I am ready for whatever you throw my way , I am ready for it all! Bring it 2019 I can handle it! You got one more chance for a new start , a new life , and a new you. So make the most out of it. Make a crazy bucket list , travel to a state you haven’t been to before , take risks!! Do whatever I don’t care but just be you!!! Love you all , much love and last but not least


HAPPY ( late ) NEW YEAR!!! 🎉🎉🎉👍🏼👍🏼😉😉😭😭😂💋😁🤪

Young Living Skin Care!💋🌺

Young Living has the best skin care line on the market!!! I use about half of their skin care products each day in my skin care routine! They are soothing, hydrating and cleansing to my skin , non toxic #AMust, have the world’s best YL oils infused in them for that promote healthy youthful skin , smell scentsationoil ( which is a bonus ) , they won’t harm me like mess up my hormones, or my skin like be the cause of acne prone skin like other cosmetic products on the market today , they are safe for all ages, and more!!

So the products you see here in the picture are the ones I use!! #spOILed So here they are…

1. ART Refreshing Toner

2. ART Gentle Cleanser

3. ART Renewal Serum

4.Orange Blossom Moisturizer

5. Mirah Luminous Cleanser

6. Acne Treatment

Now this one I use when I want spa time… ( a little goes a long way for all these products)

7. Satin Mint Facial Scrub

Oils I use for my skin…

8. Tea Tree

9. Lemon

10. Lavender

11. YL Essential Beauty Serum

All these products I listed are just some of them! There are many more that I haven’t used yet , but that are on my list! Each product has its own use , its own sent , and its own property! They all have oils combined together to make the most perfect skin care item into a bottle! I absolutely love all of these products myself! Gary Young the founder of Young Living said ” I never made product for a profit , I make a product for a purpose! ” and that is exactly what he did. #thankfOIL Every Oil comes from a process called Seed to Seal. We own all of our Young Living farms all across the world so we know that our oil testing is pure , so that our oils are the best for you and me!! It is the Seed to Seal Promise.

this photo is of our Lavender Farm in Mona Utah!!! #BeenThere #MyFavoritePlace The aroma there is so peaceful, and just the best. I don’t really know how to describe it , it’s that good! Here are some of me at the farm this year at the Young Living International Grand Convention!!#messybunandhavingfun #messyhairdontcareThis picture is of Lavender yearlings! I have had the opportunity to plant lavender seedlings and yearlings this year!! Its just the most amazing thing to see, so that when you come back the next year you will see what you planted!! How cool is that!!!

I could go on and on but that would be one LONG post! If you would like to see a video of my night and morning skin care routine let me know in the comments! That is all for today, have a blessed and and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Sincerely The Natural Chic💋

Savvy Minerals by Young Living! The best makeup out there!💄💋

Young Living has the best makeup!

I know that I used to not wear make up because it was filled with so many toxic chemicals and I wasn’t going to risk hurting myself. We shouldn’t have to cover up our face just to feel beautiful. Women , especially teens shouldn’t have to compromise their health for beauty , That is why I love Savvy Minerals by Young Living so much! I know that when I put Savvy Minerals on my face I feel confident, beautiful and ready to slay the day! This is the safest mineral makeup you will ever find. Savvy Minerals by Young Living is the best makeup I have ever used! When Young Living launched their new makeup line in 2017, it was a dream come true… they now have 15 eye shadows which includes a pressed eyeshadow palette , 16 lipsticks , a black mascara ( the mascara actually came back in stock!) 7 blushes , 7 lipglosses , and 10 foundations!! I haven’t bought all of it yet… YET!!! I wear the warm 2 foundation, “I do believe you are blushin” blush , Spoiled + Residual eyeshadow , the Icon lipstick, and Embrace lipgloss!! The most simple, quick, everyday makeup look!

( the next few things we have not gotten yet!) Matte vail , and 2 not just 1 but 2 primers!! How exciting is that! It is non toxic and has no chemicals! Let me know in the comments why you choose Savvy Minerals!!

This is me…The Naturoil Chic!!

Hello there! Here is just a little bit about me , and what my blog is going to be about! I am all about Volleyball , Basically anything that has to do with  Dream , Baking  , Vegan recipes , Traveling , Adventure , Having lots and lots of Fun , Smiles , Laughing , Young Living , Savvy Minerals , Plus I am homeschooled!! I know that you are probably thinking ” wait you are homeschooled. You are probably a nerdy introvert , that loves reading all the old classic books , and that  doesn’t have a lot of friends , researches a lot , and loves learning about very educational things. ” Well let me , let you in on a little secret. I am a nerd thanks for asking, i’m not an introvert , I have many friends , and I do like reading the classic books. But that is exactly what a stereotypical person would say about a homeschooler. We are way more that that , yes we might love to read , research , sleep in , and occasionally  be a bit nerdy. But we also know how to live life to the fullest! That is one of the best parts about being homeschooled. So there is just a bit about me! Stay tuned for an awesome look into my natural adventure…I call life!!

Have a blessed day , see you soon!!

Sincerely, The Naturoil Chic